What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focus takes the most modern approach to hypnotherapy and is firmly based in the science of the brain. We now understand that people deal with life best when they focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

Hypnotherapy uses trance to get both parts of the mind to focus on solving our problems and can work speedily and effectively. Trance is a natural state which we enter many times a day and is pleasant feeling similar to daydreaming or being really absorbed in a good film. Most of our behaviour is done without conscious thought – breathing, digesting food and so on. However, this is not always helpful – the subconscious mind can drive behaviours that we don’t consciously want such as smoking or feeling afraid to leave the house.


Treatment is relatively short in length because we believe that spending time trying to work out where our problems started can actually slow down the process of change. When we think about negative things we are using different areas of the brain that are not so good at solving problems.


Time to make that change? 

Our First Meeting

I believe that every customer I treat is an expert about themselves and already knows the way forward. When you come to me, we form a team dedicated to reaching the goals you set – and you decide when you have hit your target. (We are all unique individuals, but as a rough guide I generally see customers for 4-12 sessions).

In the initial consultation I explain fully how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works and together we decide on a way forward towards your goals. In this session you will not be hypnotised, but you will receive a free download to help you relax between sessions and get the most from your treatment.

I have tried to explain as much as possible on the website, but here is the ideal chance to get answers to any questions you may have.

Our brains are the most amazingly complex and sophisticated things that guide all of our behaviour. Most of this behaviour is done without conscious thought – breathing, digesting food and so on. 


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of things, but I specialise in:


  Anxiety and Phobias


  OCD (unwanted Intrusive thoughts)


  Eczema and IBS

Following Sessions

In the sessions that follow we discuss the positive aspects of your week and your progress towards your goal. Then, through trance (the “hypnotic” part) I make suggestions to your subconscious mind, which has a very powerful impact in helping you change your behaviours and achieve your goals.

Trance is a very natural and pleasant state which we experience every day - most customers close their eyes for example, but you don’t have to – you remain in full control the whole time. We work together until you feel a steady, sustained improvement and real sense of control over your life.