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Is your primitive mind taking over?

The Corona Virus outbreak (and the different responses to it) has reminded us once again of the way humans respond to threats. Fear and anxiety are primitive responses that saved the lives of our ancestors thousands of years ago. The fight-or-flight response involves hyper-alertness (exactly where is that lion now?) and pessimism (it's not wise to assume that the lion has eaten already today..). Sustaining this response over a long period is bad for our mental and physical health.

To reduce the mental effects of the current crisis keep a sense of perspective - take the recommended actions for your level of risk and live as normal a life as possible in these strange times.

A key strategy for coping in all circumstances is to follow the three Ps: Positive Thinking ( survival rates, the professionalism of our NHS) Positive Action (keep doing all the valuable and meaningful things you can) and Positive Interaction (Keep contact with friends and loved ones even while self-isolating). These three things give an incredible boost to our levels of serotonin which is designed to help us cope...

Here's a really balanced piece from the Conversation on the Corona Virus and how we can respond in a rational way as individuals without giving way to crippling fear or anxiety.

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