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Fantastic News - I thought my store room was flooded!

Do you sometimes have one of those days when you feel like everything is going wrong?

I don't need to point out that we're experiencing the biggest change that the vast majority of us have faced in our lives.

Brain science tells us that change drives us into our primitive mind - where we interpret everything as a threat and see things from a highly negative perspective. This was highly useful when we were hunter-gatherers and facing physical threats on a daily basis - our ancestors wouldn't have survived if they didn't take a negative and suspicious view of the wild animals that surrounded them. BUT the primitive mind is not the most useful tool for solving modern problems.

The more change and stress we experience, the more likely we are to see things in a negative perspective, whether that's true or not and whether that's helpful or not.

Small changes that happen when we are in our primitive mind can assume a significance out of all proportion to their reality. The massive change we're experiencing now mean that we've all got to recognise when we're living in our primitive mind and take steps to deal with it. I recognised it today.

Our store room goes from tidy (spring clean) to chaotic (the day before spring clean.) I had a look in today and noticed a damp patch on the tiny piece of floor space that was visible. My thoughts went - "leaking drain?" - "mains water leak?!!" - "possible overflow of unknown underground river that passes under my house and will soon sweep the whole family away ??!!!"

So I did an early semi-spring clean with a feeling of dread in my stomach, only to discover that the wet patch was much smaller than I had imagined and was probably caused by steam cleaner leak.

So now, I've got a fairly tidy store room again and had a reminder my outlook on life is going to be coloured by the crisis we're going through, and that I need to be alert to these automatic negative thoughts.

This is especially important in our relationships at a time where we'll be spending more time in the company of those closest to us - let's remember how much we love each other and interpret life from that starting point.

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