Hypnotherapy and Phobias

Do you have a phobia that you'd like to overcome?

Being afraid was a very useful response for our primitive ancestors to some situations, and certainly would have saved their lives at certain times. Fear is still a very useful survival mechanism on some occasions, but on others it can prevent us functioning at our best, or enjoying life to the full.

Phobias are irrational fears – our conscious mind knows that we shouldn’t have such a terror of tiny spiders, but it seems to happen anyway. Here again we see the negative primitive mind at work, and the GREAT news is that we can deal with most phobias in a four week course of treatment.


The phobias can be ancient (snakes and spiders) or modern (needles or aeroplanes) or anything that interferes with your normal functioning in life.


After an initial consultation, I would use relaxation to help put your rational mind back in control, followed by two sessions to change the way you look at your phobia forever.


Time to make that change?