Online Sessions

With a few tips to set things up, online sessions work just as well as face to face sessions.  I’d like to share some idea with you here so you can be confident in accessing your session on-line.

As a language-based process, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy adapts really well to online sessions. When clients have moved online following face to face sessions, they say that they find it as effective and relaxing as in person. It’s normal to be a touch apprehensive, however I think you’ll find that you easily slip into this way of working. Here are a few tips for you to make the most of your session:

Setting up your computer

  • Make sure you have an adequate internet connection. This may involve plugging your computer into an ethernet cable rather than using the wifi.  Test your connection with a skype call to a friend!

  • Use a computer (not your phone).  There are various reasons for this, the most important being that if you are on a online call with me, you need your phone to be fully online and loud – which means you are going to get interrupted!

Setting up the physical space

  • Think about your physical space.  Are you able to confidently close the door and not be disturbed by family members, house mates, pets etc for an hour, and are you sure no-one can hear you?

  • Do you have a comfortable chair that you can talk to me from and then lean back into for the hypnosis work?

  • “Conferencing platforms” such as Zoom that I use, modulate sounds (make other sounds as loud as your voice), so try to find somewhere as quiet as possible

On the day

  • Get to your computer a few minutes in advance to check your speakers/mic/camera are all working.

  • Click the link on your invitation a few minutes early with the your microphone on mute, so that you can be ready to get going as soon as your therapist joins the meeting.  You may need to download the software for using programmes such as Zoom for the call.

  • Make sure you have what you need with you such as water, and have an emergency number to give me for that session.

  • You need a phone available for me to call you on if I need to for any reason (eg helping you through technical problems)

  • Set your phone to “Do not disturb” except for my number - 07779 081316.  This is possible on smart phones (often through the sound settings).  If you have a land line instead, be aware you may get disturbed by incoming calls (but I would suggest not answering the call!)


Under 18s.

  • Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at all times -that means the adult must be somewhere on screen while the session is happening.  The adult can be busying themselves with other things, but if they left the screen, I would pause the session until they return.  I’m sorry if this is inconvenient, however this is established in my professional body’s code of conduct to ensure the safety of the young person.

Ask for help

  • Finally, talk through any technical concerns with the therapist before the session, so that you can forget all that and get the most out of the session. I know I would prefer to take the time to set you up really well for the first session, so that we both know it’s all sorted!