Planning to give up at some vague time in the future? Beginning to notice health issues?

Long-term smokers have to be prepared to give up years of their life and face the increased risk of a painful death… but they know that already – I don’t know of a single smoker who would recommend it to their children as a good idea!


If you’re reading this section in search of help, it is your primitive subconscious mind that needs bringing into line.


The GREAT news is that for smoking, this is a simple process that can be achieved in a single two hour session (when making an appointment, can you please mention that smoking is the issue, so that we can find the best two hour slot for you). By making the decision to contact me, you are declaring yourself a non-smoker and we just need to meet up and finish the process!

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Not sure if your habit is something you can control?

We know enough from television and our education at school to be able to explain the dangers of drugs and alcohol. If they are causing us problems, then the issue must be in the subconscious mind.


My approach is to help you reduce your stress through natural relaxation, which will give you the ability to say 'No!' (and mean it!) to your primitive mind.

Time to make that change?