Hypnotherapy and Anxiety

Always on edge but not sure why?

Anxiety, OCD and Panic are primitive reactions that were useful to our ancestors when they were faced with physical danger. If there was a tiger outside your cave it would make sense to be on red alert! Like stress, they are automatic responses designed to preserve our lives in an emergency, so they don't involve thought or reason. Relaxation is the key here: the more relaxed you are, the more your rational human brain will control your life and help you get those worries, intrusive thoughts and phobias into perspective. For many customers the small step of proper relaxation leads to major changes in their lives and in their sense of wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy and Depression

Does your low mood limit your life?

Depression is another primitive response which is not useful very often modern life. Cavemen who couldn’t go out to hunt because of danger or weather would simply stay at home and wouldn’t go out until things changed. This response is not the best choice nowadays, but the primitive mind is negative and habit-driven - it tries to resist the better ideas put forward by our rational, intellectual mind. By helping you relax, we can overcome the negativity of your primitive mind.

Time to make that change? 

Stressed Woman
Thinking Man on Couch