About me

A happier life through positive change

Hello!  I’m Pat Haggerty HPD AfSFH (reg), a clinical hypnotherapist based in Torbay. I have spent the last 25 years working to create positive change with young adults and teachers in education. I trained at the prestigious Observatory Practice in Plymouth, with the HPD being regarded as the gold standard qualification in the profession. I practise online and in the Torbay and South Hams areas, as well as organising Wellbeing services for teachers (and trying to keep track of my four lovely grown-up children…)

No matter how you’re feeling right now, I want to share my belief in you! I believe that you have everything you need to make the changes you have always wanted, and by working together we can clear the obstacles to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Hypnotherapy helped me overcome a childhood phobia of dogs and has helped me through some very stressful times in my life. I want to share the life-changing benefits with you, whether it's anxiety, smoking, depression or sleepless nights.

The fact that you are on this page shows you are well on the road to taking control in your life - I'm looking forward to working with you!

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I want to help you live that happier, more fulfilled life that you crave


"For years (at least 20+) I have suffered with an anxiety/phobia of feeling sick or physically being sick in certain situations, normally around crowds, or events anything from weddings, airports/aeroplanes, concerts or just simply going for a meal in a restaurant.  Over the years I have tried lots of strategies, doctors/consultants and nothing has ever worked, until I came across Pat Haggerty… I will be honest I didn’t have much faith in this approach as nothing has ever worked before “why would this” I spent several sessions and to my amazement, delight and relief I can now do all the things I haven’t been able to do before, Pat has also taught me so much along our journey and I will be forever grateful for this” – If you are suffering the way I did, don’t waste years trying things that don’t work, give Pat a try and trust me you will be amazed just like me."



"Our 11-year-old son Sam needed some support around anxieties and OCD. He loved his sessions with Pat who gave him useful, practical strategies he still uses to help control his anxieties. The sessions really boosted Sam’s wellbeing and self-confidence and as Sam grows up, he now knows it is ok to ask for help and we would gladly use Pat’s support again."

"After a series of sessions with Pat, I started to feel a lot better about myself, my confidence was more apparent and I had a lot less anxiety when in awkward situations, also my energy levels seem to rise, and my pain due to a chronic ailment subsided considerably. I would have no hesitation in recommending this type of therapy as I found it extremely helpful.."


"Pat is very professional and has a friendly relaxed and positive attitude to his hypnotherapy sessions. He has helped me understand  over the past weeks how my mind works which has in turn has led to boosting my confidence, self-esteem and positivity. I would highly recommend Pat as an excellent practitioner and for someone who can help you move forward in your life."