The Three Positives – Lovely Workshop at NASUWT Conference in Croyde

I’m just back from a lovely day with teachers at the union’s SW annual conference in North Devon. I love working with teachers. A key principle of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that three key ingredients are required for thriving in life – positive action (doing something you value and believe in) positive interaction (working – and playing – cooperatively with colleagues, family and friends) and positive thinking (the conviction that your contribution to the world will be positive and successful). The vast majority of teachers I have dealt with have shown they possess these ingredients by the bucket load!

What was inspiring for me about the “Hypnotherapy, Coping and Wellbeing” workshop that I led on Saturday was that these teachers were giving up their weekends to find out how to help struggling colleagues thrive. Thanks to them all for their interest and contributions – at a time when the education system is under so much pressure, it’s good to know that our children are in such caring hands.

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