No multi-tasking today – feeling good! Have you tried it?

Instead of combining my hypnotherapy research and admin with a few household chores – using a break from my desk to put on a wash for example – today I took a radical step.

I’ve rented a desk for 5 days a month at the wonderful Harbour Works in Torquay. – here’s the view from my window:

harbourworks view

I’ve spent the day just focused on work (with appropriate breaks obviously). I’ve got through about 3 times as much stuff as on a usual Monday and am heading off home in a minute with real sense of achievement. The single task approach has brought a real clarity into my thinking and I am going home now to do the things that last week broke my flow of concentration and creativity. Some times you can’t avoid doing more than one thing at a time, but for me uni-tasking seems the way forward.

Anyone else tried it?

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