Holiday Achievement Number One

For the first time in many years we had a family holiday in hotel on a half-board basis. With cooking or clearing up being unnecessary we were able to devote even more time to relaxation. We could actually spend time deciding whether to have a swim or read or walk or….
What I found was a sense of time being abundant, and that there was nothing impelling me to hurry, or to finish one task so I could move on to the next.
In itself, the experience provided a real break and rest from everyday life, but it also accomplished something much more important.
Modern neuroscience has shown that when we step away from a problem (even for a few moments) our brains go into “default mode” where the subconscious continues actively working towards solving our problems, while we consciously relax.
So I returned from holiday not simply rested, but also bursting with ideas that surfaced at odd times – ideas that were fresh and spontaneous, different from the results achieved through focused thought and effort.
I am now giving myself a “mini-holiday” each day – 15 minutes of nothing, and feeling the benefit of  subconscious assistance in everything I do.

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