Learning to Fly – Under the Radar

modern icarus

Sometimes (as many successful bank robbers will confirm) you can achieve more when no-one is looking. Back in the early 80s I used to make regular New Year’s resolutions to give up smoking, but they tended not to last – sharing my goal with so many people (and having endless conversations about that goal!) tended to drain my energy and determination. When I did give up for good, it was in February 1987, and I didn’t tell anyone, I just got on with it. (Interestingly, no-one noticed for a month.)
Maybe you have had this experience, driven mad by a fellow-quitter’s longing for a fag, or the well-meaning encouragement of a loved one… My advice is just to stop now while no-one’s looking – you’ll be amazed! I believe you can do it on your own without me, but if you need a little help get in touch.
Either way, keep it quiet….

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