Anxiety, OCD, Panic and Stress are primitive reactions that were useful to our ancestors when they were faced with physical danger. They are automatic responses designed to preserve our lives in an emergency, so they don't involve thought or reason. These responses come from a primitive and negative part of the brain and are rarely useful in modern life. Anger is a primitive way of increasing our strength to help us fight off wild animals, not much use in argument at the office! I help you deal with these issues by helping you achieve a feeling of deep relaxation. The more relaxed you are, the more your rational human brain will control your life. For many customers the first small step of making time for proper relaxation leads to major changes in their lives and in their sense of wellbeing.
Depression is another primitive response which is not very useful very in modern life. Cavemen who couldn’t go out to hunt because of danger or weather would simply stay at home and wouldn’t go out until things changed. This response is not the best choice nowadays, but the primitive mind is negative and habit-driven - it tries to resist the better ideas put forward by our rational, intellectual mind. By helping you relax, we can overcome the negativity of your primitive mind.
Pain and Medical Conditions often become harder to deal with at times of increased stress and this sets up a vicious circle: stress can cause us to think more negatively about our condition, which makes it harder to cope with; an increased awareness of our condition then causes us to think more negatively…. But! If we can learn to relax and get the condition into perspective, we will minimise its effect on your life. This is the aim of my work with you.
Relationships at Home and Work. We work better as a team rather than as individuals, and each time we interact positively with others a chemical response in the brain boosts our ability to cope with life generally. If those interactions aren’t working, our sense of happiness will plummet, creating another vicious circle. We use relaxation and an understanding of dealing with different personalities to reduce your sense of stress at home or work.


Overcoming Obstacles

Weight Management and Developing a Healthy Lifestyle.
It would be impossible to live in modern Britain and not have an awareness of the importance of a balanced diet for good health and life-expectancy. If you are finding it hard to manage your weight at the moment, it is the subconscious, primitive mind that is responsible. This is what we will work on together. For effective long-term weight management, the only key is a healthy, active lifestyle and a patient, determined attitude towards personal change.

Long-term smokers have to be prepared to give up years of their life and face the increased risk of a painful death… But they know that already – I don’t know of a single smoker who would recommend it to their children as a good idea. So if you’re reading this section in search of help, it is your primitive subconscious mind that needs bringing into line. The GREAT news is that for smoking this is a simple process that can be done in one single two hour session (when making an appointment, can you please mention that smoking is the issue, so that we can find the best two hour slot for you). By making the decision to contact me, you are declaring yourself a non-smoker and we just need to meet up and finish the process!
You have taken the first step by reading this section, so let’s get working on bringing the subconscious in to line!
Fears and Phobias
Being afraid was a very useful response for our primitive ancestors to some situations, and certainly would have saved their lives at certain times. Fear is still a very useful survival mechanism on some occasions, but on others it can prevent us functioning at our best, or enjoying life to the full.
Phobias are irrational fears – our conscious mind knows that we shouldn’t have such a terror of tiny spiders, but it seems to happen anyway. Here again we see the negative primitive mind at work, and the GREAT news is that we can deal with most phobias in a four week course of treatment. The phobias can be ancient (snakes and spiders) or modern (needles or aeroplanes) or anything that interferes with your normal functioning in life. After an initial consultation, I would use relaxation to help put your rational mind back in control, followed by two sessions to change the way you look at your phobia forever.

Drugs and Alcohol Issues
We know enough from television and our education at school to be able to explain the dangers of drugs and alcohol. If they are causing us problems, then the issue must be in the subconscious mind. My approach is to help you reduce your stress through natural relaxation, which will give you the ability to say “No!” (and mean it!) to your primitive mind.

Quality sleep is absolutely vital in helping us live positive and happy lives. If you are having trouble sleeping, I will work with you on natural relaxation in sessions combined with the nightly use of the free relaxation CD. Establishing good sleeping patterns will help you get back to being in full control of your life, and to cope with any issues that life has to throw your way.


Achieving Our Goals

Feeling nervous before an important event like a job interview, examination, performance, date or sports event, is a natural and often very useful emotion as it keeps us alert and motivated. However, if the feeling gets too intense it can actually hinder our performance and prevent us showing ourselves at our best. To help prepare for these situations we would work together on relaxation, giving you the capacity to get the event into perspective and I would then get your subconscious to visualise and anticipate a successful outcome. This approach also helps support your motivation to work towards a long-term goal such as an important interview or public speech.

You're already on your way! Let's get together and use the most up-to-date brain science to remove the unhelpful emotions that stand between you and your future!