What’s the point of resolutions if you don’t……etc….

pullup disaster

So we’re a week in, and my plans for change in 2018 haven’t started brilliantly:

The gym class timetable changed so my routine’s been disrupted, and my plans to practise my bass while Kate is out have been hampered by work issues.

My plans to spend more time in the same room with my family have been hampered by their increasingly social lives, which means that it is pretty difficult to find them, let alone get them all together…

On the plus side, I do still believe that these things are worth doing and that life will improve if I keep trying – so that’s what I’m going to do. If I don’t fulfill my plans completely but keep trying, I will partially succeed, which is still positive step forward and a good thing- right?


Happy New Year! I’m hoping to pull myself up a bit in 2018…..


Elderly man lifting weights --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis

Good afternoon all – I just wanted to wish you all the best for 2018.

It seems almost impossible to start a new year without planning to do/be something different. I’m sure you’ve all got your own ideas, and if I can help in any way, get in touch. I plan to focus on the three things that will boost my serotonin levels in the year ahead – Positive Action, Positive Interaction and Positive thinking. A steady flow of serotonin will help me cope more effectively with anything the year has to throw at me…

Positive action – doing the things that you value and feel are worthwhile. I’m going to put more time into playing music and maintain my routine of gym classes (which have given me so much more energy over the last couple of years)

Positive interaction – spending time with people you care about. I’m going to spend more time in the same room with my family (more details to follow). On a social media

Positive thinking – 2017 wasn’t a smooth time for me by any means (is any year ever ‘smooth’?), but I was pleased to notice that when I looked back on the New Year’s eve my first comment to Kate was “It’s been a pretty good year when you think about it…” which shows that I’m developing the habit of being grateful for all the good things I experience in my life.

I’ve set myself a reasonably sized physical challenge for the year which will be boosted by this way of thinking. It’s not an ultra-marathon, or a marathon or even a half-marathon, it’s….. a pull -up! A PE teacher watched me trying to do one at school and told me to forget about it, which I did for about 40 years. The thing is, I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t be able to do one eventually, so I’m giving myself a year.

Let me know your plans, and let’s see how we get on…..


A Customer’s Response to my Approach

I thought you might be interested to hear from someone I’ve treated recently:

“For years (at least 20+) I have suffered with an anxiety/phobia of feeling sick or physically being sick in certain situations, normally around crowds, or events – anything from weddings, airports and aeroplanes, concerts or just simply going for a meal in a restaurant.  Over the years I have tried lots of strategies, doctors/consultants and nothing has ever worked, until I came across Pat Haggerty… I will be honest I didn’t have much faith in this approach as nothing has ever worked before “why would this” I spent several sessions and to my amazement, delight and relief I can now do all the things I haven’t been able to do before. Pat has also taught me so much along our journey and I will be forever grateful for this” – If you are suffering the way I did, don’t waste years trying things that don’t work, give Pat a try and trust me you will be amazed just like me.


So, what are my values as a therapist?


I believe that listening to you – the customer – and genuinely hearing you is the foundation of good therapy.

I believe in you! You have all the resources you need to bring about the future you want – my role is to help you use those resources.

I believe that you deserve an excellent service – a speedy response to your enquiry and prompt treatment.

I believe in empowering the individual by providing just enough support to get you back on track and functioning happily.

I believe that therapy should be an uplifting positive experience that people look forward to.

I believe in keeping up to date professionally through training and reading.

I believe in treating everyone with honesty and integrity – you may not hear what you hoped to hear, but you will certainly hear about hope!

What I Stand For


I stand for helping imperfect people like myself cope with an imperfect world in a way that allows them to be the best they can be. I believe that we need to be able to accept and love ourselves (and others) as we are. I believe that to thrive we need to reach out to others and focus on the positive things in our lives – not by pretending that everything is perfect, but acknowledging that we all know what we want in life and we all have the resources to get there. A memory of an obstacle we have overcome is the first step to overcoming the next one. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s full of good things if we look for them and those good things can help us make our life even better. I stand positively by your side!

Do you know what you stand for? Could you tell me?

woman in mirror

I went to an excellent (and free) Google course on digital marketing for small businesses called Digital Garage a couple of weeks ago. I learned loads! As well as the tech stuff (I'm getting there...) I learned the importance of being able to clearly state: 

  1. What you stand for
  2. What you do
  3. Who you want to help/provide a service for

So I'm going to do a post for each of those topics - the aim is to be as brief yet informative  as possible - let me know if they still leave you with questions about me (as a hypnotherapist obviously...)

Focus on one thing today – stop smoking!

Have you ever waited till the time is just right? It will never be just right – stop smoking now.

Second day in my new office and still loving the peaceful distraction-free atmosphere at the Harbour Works in Torquay.

I was writing up my Stoptober stop-smoking ad, and it occurred to me that often with things like quitting smoking we can be tempted to put it off – “I can’t do it this week, I’m out with friends on Thursday and Saturday…” “I’ve just had a row with my partner – I need a cigarette…” “Things are crazy at work – I’ve got a few days off next month….”

So we carry on doing somethings that’s damaging us in so many ways… don’t! Stop now.




No multi-tasking today – feeling good! Have you tried it?

Instead of combining my hypnotherapy research and admin with a few household chores – using a break from my desk to put on a wash for example – today I took a radical step.

I’ve rented a desk for 5 days a month at the wonderful Harbour Works in Torquay. – here’s the view from my window:

harbourworks view

I’ve spent the day just focused on work (with appropriate breaks obviously). I’ve got through about 3 times as much stuff as on a usual Monday and am heading off home in a minute with real sense of achievement. The single task approach has brought a real clarity into my thinking and I am going home now to do the things that last week broke my flow of concentration and creativity. Some times you can’t avoid doing more than one thing at a time, but for me uni-tasking seems the way forward.

Anyone else tried it?

Not only can he run, Mo can show us how to live life to the full.

Kate and I were privileged to watch Mo Farah at the Olympic Stadium last month, and though it was only the qualifying round for the 5000m, there was still a sense of being in the presence of greatness. But it was in the last 200m of the final that Mo taught us two essential lessons about what it means to be human. Around the 1.00 minute mark in the clip below the two Ethiopians (Edris and Kejelcha) kick for home and Mo is unable to match their burst. Maybe age, maybe his exertions in the 10,000m, maybe something else – meant that he couldn’t perform the way he has done in the past, and he shows us here that humans, all humans, will one day come to the point where their bodies will be unable to respond like they did in the old days and acceptance of this fact is the source of wisdom and peace of mind.

Mo seems to have acknowledged that he is unlikely to get gold and will have to settle for another medal – until Chelima passes him and raises the real possibility of Mo Farah being out of the medals altogether. It is here that he teaches us the second lesson about what it means to be human: the mind  correctly applied, can carry us far beyond what might seem realistically possible and by sheer belief and force of will Mo drags himself into what I believe to be a remarkable second place.

So remember that even though you can’t run like a teenager anymore, you can still be the best you can be at any age – which is more than enough – right?

Exciting News and Important Customer Information for September 2017

Hello all,
Fantastic news – two Education and Wellbeing projects very close to my heart are beginning to take off and make substantial demands on my time. It’s great to watch things develop and to be able to respond to the needs of others in this way, but in other to maintain the healthy work-life balance which I have been preaching relentlessly over the last few years, I have regretfully decided to to limit my availability for clinical hypnotherapy to one day per week. Obviously I will honour existing arrangements with current clients, but new customers would be treated on Mondays.
I will still be working from the Old Dairy Practice for the time being, but expect exciting news in this area too!