Sleep, anxiety and stress support in South Devon.

You're looking for help with a problem. I'm a solution focused hypnotherapist based in the Torbay area of South Devon. You may be struggling with stress, anxiety or depression. Maybe you have a weight management issue, smoking habit or a phobia - hypnotherapy is a speedy and effective treatment for all these conditions and many more. There is plenty of information on the other pages of this website, but maybe you'd prefer a free telephone phone consultation to put you in the picture?

Call Pat now on 07469 772128

Hello, my name is Pat Haggerty and what drives me is the desire to help you achieve those important goals that you want so badly. I want to help you live that happier, more fulfilled life that you crave, by working with you to create positive and permanent change.

I want to help you overcome the obstacle that stands in your way, whether it's anxiety, smoking,weight or depression.
I want us to focus on solutions to the problems you are facing - click on the "I Help With.." button to find a particular issue.

But most of all I want to share my belief in YOU! I know that you have all the resources you need to make the changes you have always wanted - click the contact button for your first consultation and a complimentary relaxation CD. Let's get started!

I have spent the last 25 years working to create positive change with young adults and teachers in education. I am a highly qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained at the prestigious Observatory Practice in Plymouth, with the HPD being regarded as the gold standard qualification in the profession. The fact that you are visiting this site shows you are well on the road to taking control in your life - I'm looking forward to working with you!

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